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Product Detail

Bucket Elevator Conveyor Belt

产品编号 lz-017
Product Introduction

Bucket Elevator belt consists of steel cored wire rope, laceration resistant layer, top and bottom cover rubber 4 parts.

Our belt can satisfy the iron and steel metallurgy, cement, building, chemical, coal, mining, power generation, food and other different industries requirements by imported advanced production equipment and unique design.

The cover rubber could be processed of special performance (high temperature resistant, acid and alkali resistance, high wear resistance, etc.) according to customer using conditions,and could make the bolt holes according to the user drawing with the high quality aluminium alloy belt clamp。


Feature : Small Elongation, Big Conveying capacity, Stable operation,Easy maintenance,Good adaptability to block material.

Usage : Bucket elevator belt used for vertical conveying material.Widely used in building, mining, chemical industry, light industry, machinery, electric power, food and other departments


According to the cover rubber performance can be divided into:ordinary, flame retardant, cold resistant, abrasion resistant, heat resistant, acid and alkali resistant varieties
According to the internal structure can be divided into common type, horizontal enhanced type, embedded coil laceration resistant type

Technical Parameter
TypeMaterialSkeleton material modelRecommended choice of covering glueProduction width range
OrdinaryNylon CanvasNN100-3003+3300-1200
Polyester canvasEP100-3004.5+4.5
Reinforced typeWire rope3MM 4MM 5MM 6MM6+6
Tear proof layer2 layer

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