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Product Detail

Chevron Conveyor Belt

产品编号 lz-009
Product Introduction

The utility model relates to a pattern conveyor belt, which is an inclined angle conveyor belt composed of a pattern covering glue on the working face and a cover glue and a belt core on the non-working face. The belt with pattern has the advantage of large friction force and strong conveying capacity, which is not available in the common belt when conveying materials at the angle of 0-30 ° , and it can solve the problem of the materials sliding down due to the increase of inclination angle, especially when conveying bulk materials, the effect is more obvious.

Product Features

General Pattern type: herringbone type, fishbone type, cylindrical type, segmented v-type, u-type

Pattern conveyor belt conveying environment: The most obvious effect when conveying bulk materials,
Conveyor belt material: Cotton Canvas (CC) , Nylon Canvas (NN) , polyester canvas (EP) or wire rope (St) , natural rubber, butyl rubber, carbon black and some chemical raw materials,
Varieties: according to the different properties of covering adhesive can be divided into ordinary type, heat-resistant type, fire-resistant type, cold-resistant type, acid-alkali-resistant type, oil-resistant type, etc. .
Belt core material: COTTON CANVAS CORE CC-56; NYLON core NN100, NN150, NN200, NN300, NN400, NN500 ;Polyester core EP100, EP150, EP200, EP300, EP400, EP500 ;Steel cord ST1000-ST5400 belt production
Belt width range: 400 mm ~ 1400 mm
Belt height (mm) : 5, 10,15,20,25 mm ,Note: pattern shape can be designed according to User's requirements.
Pattern spacing (mm) : 125,200,250,300 mm, the above parameters can be changed or re-designed according to the user's requirements or actual use.

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