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Selection of rubber conveyor belts

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The shape and structure of rubber conveyor belts: different types of conveying modes, such as flat, trough, large inclination, bending and turning conveyor, box, tube, closed conveyor, and lifting conveyor, depend on the conveying capacity of the conveyor belts, and are subject to terrain and environmental conditions. It is the premise to determine the material, structure, safety factor and the length of belt used for heavy rubber belt tension resistance.

Selection of material and structure of conveyor belt core: The performance of conveyor belt has a great relationship with the material, structure and layer number of belt core. Cotton canvas multi-layer conveyor belt has low strength, many layers, fatigue resistance, mildew corrosion resistance, heavy weight, high energy consumption, high strength, elasticity, light weight, impact resistance and flexibility of nylon conveyor belt. 

Good grooving performance, mildew resistance, water resistance and other properties are superior to cotton canvas skeleton conveyor belt. Its drawback is large elongation. When the tension stroke can be set for a long time, nylon rubber belt is preferred. The strength of polyester core is similar to that of cotton. It has all the advantages of nylon tape and its elastic modulus ratio. High nylon, small elongation, good dimensional stability, is an ideal conveyor belt commonly used in industry. The steel cord conveyor belt has high strength, good grooving, small elongation and short stretching distance. It is especially suitable for large volume, high belt speed and long distance conveyor requirements.

Cover selection: Cover selection includes covering material, surface shape and thickness. The main components of cover are various rubber and plastics. In most climates, rubber belts can work normally at inclination less than flat angle, while flame retardant conveyor belts operate normally at inclination less than 120 degrees. Although its main framework material is not as good as rubber's resilience, it has better flame retardancy, unloading property and cleaning property, and because of the different properties of various rubber, such as natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber has good energy absorption and wear resistance, ethylene-propylene rubber is particularly heat-resistant, butadiene-cyanide rubber has good oil resistance, and propylene-butadiene rubber is heat-resistant. It is also resistant to oxidation chemistry, so the choice of covering materials of which type must be considered comprehensively according to the types of commonly used conveying materials, operating conditions and working environment.

In addition, the increase of the thickness of the covering layer is also conducive to improving the impact and wear resistance of the rubber conveyor belt. Especially nowadays, the core of cotton canvas belt has been replaced by the core of synthetic fiber fabric. The performance of the core has been greatly improved, while the thickness is relatively thin. In order to improve the overall performance of the belt, it is necessary to improve the coverage accordingly. Layer thickness can give full play to its advantages and improve the service life of the conveyor belt, but too thick lower overburden will make the operation resistance of the heavy heat-resistant conveyor belt bigger, which needs attention; the operation resistance of the heat-resistant conveyor belt becomes bigger, which needs attention;

Additional technical knowledge: In general, the design of the thickness of the belt cover is mainly based on the wear rate of the annular conveyor belt caused by external factors such as material, the material conditions in different time, the heat resistance, impact resistance of the rubber belt cover and the fixed operation of the belt conveyor. As the period is determined, the rubber belt manufacturer suggests that customers should ensure the conformity rate of the national standards of the above points in belt selection, then the selected transport products and equipment can obtain very satisfactory results when they put into operation.

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