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Multi-ply Fabric Conveyor Belt

Time:2019-08-07     Author:Qingdao L&Z Conveyor System Co.,Ltd【Original】

Multi-ply Fabric Conveyor Belt are named according to different carcass:EP Conveyor Belt,NN Conveyor Belt and CC Conveyor belt.

Application:Widely used in mining,harbour,metallurgy,construction,chemical.grain industry for materials handing.

EP Conveyor Belt:

EP Conveyor Belt,also called polyester conveyor belts.The carcass is EP fabric(warp is polyester and weft is polyamide).With the advantage of light in weight,high modulus,impact resistant,low elongation,good flexibility,good troughability,anti-heat,anti-humidity and avoid insect damage ,it is suitable for long-distance,heavy-load and high-speed meterial conveying.

NN Conveyor Belt:

NN Conveyor Belt,also called nylon conveyor belts.The carcass is NN fabric (both warp and weft is nylon fabric).Same with that of EP belt,NN belt also with the advantage of light in weight,high modulus,impact resistant ,low elongation,good flexibility ,good troughability ,anti-heat,anti-humidity and avoid insect damage ,it is suitable for long-distance,heavy-impact and heavy-abrasion material conveying.

CC Conveyor Belt:

CC Conveyor Belt,also called cotton conveyor belt.The carcass is cotton fabric (both the warp and weft are cotton),it is suitable for transport of materials in lump,and power as well as articles in general conditions,and it also has good performance in anti-heat conditions.

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