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Acid and alkali resistant conveyor belt

Features: Select high quality rubber acid and alkali resistant rubber species, belt body elasticity, processing made of covering rubber, has good chemical corrosion resistance and good physical and mechanical properties. Using special rubber and filling inert material with excellent acidity and alkalinity, the acid and alkali resistance of conveyor belt is better than that of ordinary acid and alkali resistant conveyor belt.

Usage: Suitable for conveying acidic and alkaline materials, such as fertilizer plant, sea water salt,

NN、EP nylon polyester canvas is used as framework strength material, which is more reliable than cotton canvas core belt in acid and alkali resistance. Considering the conditions of acid and alkali operation, the acid and alkali resistant conveyor belt should be circular. The joint mode is traceless thermal vulcanization joint, which effectively ensures the service life of acid and alkali resistant conveyor belt. 

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