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Profiled conveyor belts

Description:on the surface of the belt,there is chevron pattern higher than the belt body,the pattern includes three types high medium and low.

Application:Chevron conveyor belts are used to convey wet and/or loose materials or bags up steep inclines.The patterns prevent or reduce slide back and increase the amount of product moved by quick pick-up at the point of loading.They are used in quarries ,sandpits,cement works,lime works,mobile crushers and screens,farming and salt mines,etc.


1.can carry bulk material at angles of 17-18 and bagged material at angles of 30-50.

2.Cleat angle and pitch are designed for smooth travel over return idlers.

3.Cleats and top cover rubber are mono block molding for strength.

Types:Open V,Closed-v,L type,H type,Y type,A type and F type,ect.

Notes:for other patterns we will design and manufacture as required.

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