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Can High Temperature Conveyor Belt Resist Acid and Alkali at the same time?

Firstly, the temperature and PH value of the material are understood in detail. High temperature and acidity and alkalinity are important factors for accelerating the aging of rubber and losing its performance. The high temperature resistance performance is mainly styrene-butadiene rubber. For the conveyor belt industry, the operation process of styrene-butadiene rubber is relatively simple and the quality is stable. Styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) has certain corrosion resistance to acid and alkali.


Acidity and alkalinity mainly affect the volume expansion rate of rubber itself. In order to reduce the impact on rubber properties, some inert materials will be added to the conveyor belt formula. The inert materials mainly have the function of corrosion resistance, while have little effect on the tensile properties of rubber, effectively ensuring the change rate of rubber physical and mechanical properties. Generally speaking, less than 10% sulfuric acid will not corrode rubber. The PH value of 10% sulfuric acid is 0. Fluororubber can withstand 98% concentrated sulfuric acid. It is also the best high temperature resistance of conventional rubber.

橡胶输送带耐酸碱性执行标准:HG/T 3782-2005酸碱性能分为A1A2A3三种类别。

Rubber conveyor belt acid and alkaline performance standards: HG/T 3782-2005 acid and alkaline performance can be divided into A1, A2, A3 three categories.



Rubber conveyor belts usually use environmental materials which are weak acid and alkali. Under the condition of temperature resistance, they can achieve certain acid and alkali resistance. Under the two working conditions, we should pay more attention to adjusting the formula design according to the field conditions.


For example, some of the conveying materials have a temperature of about 150 degrees, and have certain acidity and alkalinity. The formulation can be adjusted. BaSO4, an inert material, is added into the formulation system of heat-resistant rubber to keep the curing system unchanged. In addition, the adhesive of the framework layer is particularly important, because the aging of rubber will be greatly accelerated by high temperature and corrosiveness, and the physical properties of the cover rubber will change greatly, expand and soften if the conveyor belt contacts with the material for a long time. Therefore, we recommend that you use high-level standard natural rubber to enhance the adhesion of the adhesive, so as to ensure that the cover rubber and the framework layer of the conveyor belt will not appear delamination, which greatly prolongs the transportation. Service life of belt conveyor.


In addition, the design of rubber conveyor belt formula must be adjusted according to the on-site working conditions. Qingdao Lianzhong is a professional manufacturer of rubber conveyor belt. It cooperates with Qingdao Institute of Chemical Engineering, known as China Rubber Silicon Valley, and the State Key Rubber and Plastic Laboratory, which meets the requirements of the Ministry of Education, in order to ensure the quality and stability of products, and constantly improve its technical strength to meet customers. Household requirements, better service to the public. To provide the most suitable rubber conveyor belt scientifically and pertinently, and to play the greatest use value in the use process, so as to reduce customer production costs, maintenance costs and so on.


Qingdao Lianzhong Company will arrange technicians to go to the site to inspect and implement the working conditions, and recommend the best transportation scheme for customers to choose.


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