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Repairing skills of steel cord conveyor belt

The steel cord conveyor belt can be repaired quickly on site by using rubber adhesive repair series products. If it is partially damaged, the coating can be repaired by local rubber vulcanization method, which has the characteristics of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, high toughness, high elasticity and so on. It is a fast and reliable repair method. Now the technicians of Qingdao L&Z Conveying System Co., Ltd. will introduce to you.

1、 Local rubber vulcanization: small vulcanizer is used to vulcanize the local damaged part. Limited by the size of vulcanizer, the repair speed is only about 0.5m/h. This method is not suitable for long-distance repair.

2. Rubber patch method: adopt German technology rubber patch method, its biggest advantage is fast repair speed. After polishing and cleaning the place to be patched, apply the adhesive, and then stick the rubber to start the machine. The disadvantage is: usually after 60-90 days of operation, the rubber will fall off. The bigger problem is that if the circular conveyor belt is operated in a humid environment, water vapor will accumulate in the gap of the bonding surface and rust the wire rope. It will rust and break the wire rope in a long time. Even cause the whole conveyor belt to break suddenly. In addition, the cost of this repair method is also high. The above is the knowledge summary of Qingdao L&Z Conveying System Co., Ltd. on the repair techniques of steel wire conveyor belt. If the distance is not very long, the local rubber vulcanization method can not be used. If you want to repair quickly, the glue patch method can be used, but this kind of cost is very high. You can choose according to the actual situation.


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