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The structure design of the mould for the sidewall conveyor belt

The structural design of the rubber conveyor belt mold is an important technical link. The structural design of the mold must be conducive to the exhaust and avoid the stagnation of gas. The exhaust mechanism must be designed in accordance with the position of the feeding port of the pouring system, especially the injection mold and the injection mold of the conveyor belt. If conditions permit, for the products with higher requirements, when the mold is designed and manufactured, it is possible to The utility model can use a vulcanizer with a vacuumizing function, or directly design a vacuumizing mold structure. In addition, in rubber engineering, it is necessary to briefly explain the additional vulcanization method of rubber materials to help understand the above process. It can be classified according to the type of equipment, the type of heating medium and the characteristics of vulcanization process. Generally, vulcanization of rubber conveyor belt is carried out under the conditions of heating in most cases. If heating rubber materials, it is necessary to transfer the heat energy A substance that transmits heat during vulcanization of rubber. In the molding process of rubber conveyor belt, the rubber material of conveyor belt will not completely fill the mold cavity, and there must be some air trapped in the mold cavity. In addition, the vulcanization reaction of rubber material of belt under high temperature will also produce some gases such as hydrogen sulfide, steam of softener, etc. all these gases must be discharged in time, or they will be given due to the retention of air and other gases The product quality brings potential risks, such as lack of glue on the surface of the product, appearance of bubbles and pits and other apparent quality problems. In order to improve the quality of rubber conveyor belt, the process requirements in production must be in the process of molding operation. 

What should be paid attention to when the edge conveyor belt is out of the mold? The production personnel of Lianzhong will introduce the following points to you:

1. Pay attention to the expansion and shortage of the diaphragm when the diaphragm is out of the mold, so as to adjust the weight of the rubber in time

2. Use iron crowbar to lift the diaphragm out of the mold, and be careful to scratch the mold cavity with the crowbar

3. The head of crowbar shall be semi flat and round, and it is not allowed to use barbed or square head crowbar to avoid damaging the partition board

4. Use a wood crowbar to lift the edge of the formwork, and pry the formwork from the familiar head

5. When the blocking edge is too tightly bonded with the mold cavity and it is not easy to get out of the mold, it is forbidden to pull away the wood crowbar with strong force to avoid damaging the blocking edge

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