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Three points should be taken into consideration when selecting the steel cord conveyor belt

Generally, we use steel wire rope conveyor belt to carry out long-distance, high-speed and heavy-duty raw material transportation. If such facilities can not bear these weights, it will directly affect our operation progress, and it will also be a great damage to the conveyor belt itself. So when we choose the steel rope conveyor belt, we should pay attention to its material and later construction technology, so as to better ensure that the products we choose are more reliable in durability.

There are many factors that affect the price of steel wire rope conveyor belt. The most fundamental reason is the raw materials of the conveyor belt. We all know that the conveyor belt is mainly composed of rubber and canvas, and the steel wire rope is used as the skeleton of the steel wire rope conveyor belt.

In both of them, rubber should occupy the main part of the conveyor belt. Because the price of rubber has fluctuated in recent two years, sometimes it is too high, resulting in a relatively large price fluctuation of the conveyor belt. Secondly, workers' wages and administrative expenses. Because production needs to pay workers, we have to manage the conveyor belt and so on, and there will be costs in this aspect. Finally, from the perspective of the conveyor belt itself, the thickness of the rubber covered by the conveyor belt, the number of cloth layers and the selection of steel wire rope also determine the price of the conveyor belt.

The selection of conveyor is also very important for the use of conveyor belt. The conveyor belt is required to have small quality, high tensile strength and bending strength, and good trough forming performance. Due to the alternating bending load, it is required to have a high adhesion strength between the core sandwich and the rubber layer to prevent the interlayer from peeling and tearing. It also requires fine processing to ensure that the load of each interlayer is even when it is under pure tension. The covering rubber and sandwich belt core of high quality rubber conveyor belt should have high impact resistance and mechanical damage resistance. In order to prolong the service life, the conveyor belt should have enough wear resistance. In order to make the initial tension required for driving as small as possible, the conveyor belt is required to have high friction coefficient. The conveyor belt shall have good shape stability, neither too large longitudinal elastic elongation nor small permanent elongation, and its tension stroke shall not exceed 1.5% of the length of the belt conveyor. The end connection of conveyor belt shall be simple, but the strength at the joint shall not be significantly weakened, and the thickness at the joint shall be the same as that of other parts.

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