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Filter Belts

Product Introduction

Rubber filter belt, also known as vacuum belt, is the key component of Du horizontal belt vacuum filter and vacuum belt washer. 

The surface of the belt body is a row of horizontal grooves, in which there are one or more rows of drain holes, and the drain hole section can adopt the pure rubber structure; 

the framework layer of the belt body adopts high-strength polyester canvas or tapestry fiber canvas; 

the upper and lower covering rubber of the filter belt can adopt different formulas according to the working conditions, which can meet the different requirements of acid-base resistance, heat-resistant, oil-resistant, cold resistant, etc.;

the molding and vulcanization of the belt adopt one-time finishing ;

the composite technology ensures the flatness and stability of the belt. 

Product Features

Product classification:

1. Acid and alkali resistant filter belt

It is suitable for working environment contacting with acid and alkali, such as phosphate fertilizer, alumina, catalyst (4a fluorspar), etc. The covering rubber is made of rubber-plastic blend material and filled with acid and alkali resistant inert medium, which is superior to chloroprene rubber in acid and alkali resistance; the skeleton material is made of high-strength polyester canvas, which is stronger than cotton canvas in acid and alkali resistance; the drain hole is made of pure rubber, which effectively blocks the corrosion of acid and alkali on the skeleton layer, and the service life of filter belt is greatly improved.

2. Heat resistant filter belt

It is mainly used for filtering high temperature materials, 800C < heat resistance temperature < 1050C. The covering rubber adopts the EPDM compound with superior heat and aging resistance; the skeleton layer adopts high-strength polyester canvas, and the heat-resistant glass cloth can be laid between the covering rubber and the skeleton layer; the drain hole section adopts the pure rubber structure, which effectively blocks the influence of high temperature and filtrate on the skeleton material; the filter belt improves the service life significantly.

3. Oil resistant filter belt

It is suitable for filtering all kinds of oily materials. The covering rubber is high acrylonitrile butadiene rubber, and the skeleton layer is high strength polyester canvas. The utility model has the advantages of belt deformation, low change rate, high strength and wide application range.

4. Cold resistant filter belt

It is suitable for working at - 400C - + 700C. Polyester canvas is used as the skeleton layer, and natural rubber and cis-1,4-polybutadiene rubber are used as the covering rubber, which has the characteristics of high elasticity, impact resistance and cold resistance.

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