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Tubular conveyor belt

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Tubular conveyor belt refers to the conveyor belt which is used together with the circular pipe belt conveyor and forms a circular pipe shape in the whole transportation line or part of the transportation line with the help of external force. The core of the tubular conveyor belt is made of high-strength canvas or steel wire rope as the skeleton, and high-strength, high-wear-resistant and high-quality rubber material as the upper and lower covering layer. During the operation, the tape changes from flat to U-shaped, and finally rolls into a tubular to implement closed conveying. It is suitable for conveying materials in coal, mine, port, electric power, metallurgy, building materials, grain and other industries with strict requirements for environmental protection and requirements for three-dimensional space bending. Fully enclosed material conveying, no flying material, no impact of natural conditions, no impact on the environment, can be bent, large angle, back and forth conveying materials. 



1. The tubular belt is divided into fabric core and wire rope core.

2. The tubular belt of fabric core is made of one or more layers of adhesive canvas bonded in a specific structural way; the tubular belt of steel wire rope core is made of steel wire rope with a certain longitudinal spacing and transverse reinforcement bonded in a specific structural way.

3. The covering layer is composed of special designed covering glue and edge glue.

According to the design and application requirements, elastic rubber or transverse rigid body can be added between the belt core and the covering layer.

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