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How to carry out the daily protection of conveyor belt

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1, according to the operation of conveyor belt, timely adjustment of related equipment. To prevent conveyor belt from deviation, the edge of conveyor belt is aggravated and damaged. Constitute the wire rope to expose and drop.

2. Remove the attachments on the surface of the driving drum in time to prevent bubbling, wire rope pulling and elongation of vulcanized joint from occurring due to the irregular surface of the drum, which causes uneven force on the joint.

3. The vulcanized joint is a thin part of the strength of conveyor belt. The joint cracks begin to show rubber cracking. Water penetrates into the wire rope through the gap of the core rubber, forming the corrosion, wire breakage and pulling of the wire rope. It is necessary to check the elongation change and abnormal appearance of joints on time, do a good job of preventive inspection, and repair the defective vulcanized joints in time.

4. Assuming the occurrence of side glue of conveyor belt, covering glue dropping and partly exposing defects of wire rope, cold bonding or hot vulcanization should be carried out in time. According to the partial damage of conveyor belt, different repair methods, such as cold repair, hot vulcanization, filling wire rope, are selected to adhere to the appearance of conveyor belt.

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